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Wolff – ‘perfect and is a meticulous worker’



Toto Wolff believes that Ferraris shock returned to the top is thanks in part to the tireless efforts and loyalty to the team…..


Sebastian Vettel has had a few disappointing years since joining the Ferrari team, never quite being able to race the race he was capable of.


Now however, he is back and in fighting form, with a car to match.


Something Toto Wolff  believes is not only down to the team, but his tireless effort, on and off the grid.


“Each driver has his own way to prepare,” Wolff explained.


“One wants to be perfect and is a meticulous worker, while the other relies more on his instinct.”


“Sebastian was always a worker, so perhaps he understood earlier on how to get the tyre in the right working window.”


“We have to catch up now.”


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