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Wehrlein Excited With Upgrades


Wehrlein has expressed his excitement to go to Monte Carlo with the new upgrades on the car…..


Sauber has introduced a new floor pan ahead of the Monaco GP, a perfect added extra for the tight cornered, thin track.


Moreover, with the teams growing power in the pack, they could be serious competitions for the likes of Force India and Haas.


“Looking back on the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, we travel with good memories to Monte Carlo,” Wehrlein stated.

“We need to keep working in this development direction to further improve, but I am positive that we will make another step with the new parts on the car in Monaco.”

“Racing in Monaco is always special – it is fascinating and challenging at the same time, but also because of the tradition and the exciting Formula 1 races in the past.”



However, with the cost of two DNF’s hanging over them from 2016, Sauber will be looking to maximize on points as much as possible.
“It is a real challenge for us drivers, as we need to drive very precisely.” Wehrlein


“In order to be fast we are forced to drive the cars millimetres away from the barriers, but I like these kinds of challenges.”

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