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Webber – “There’s too much policing,”


Ex F1 star and official Aussie, Mark Webber voiced his anger over a Formula1 he believes has ‘too much policing’…….


Many fans and teams alike believe the sport has lost its way in terms of it’s overly strict and novel length guidelines.


Now, Mark himself has had enough and is revealing his thoughts on a sport he believes has lost its way.


“There’s too much policing,” Webber revealed.


“I don’t want any penalties for a driver that’s had nothing to do with it. If a mechanic has put a brake disc in the wrong way, and a driver is at the back of the grid.”


“A lot of people don’t watch qualifying, they turn on (the TV) and are like, ‘why is my favourite driver at the back of the grid?’ and so we lose people for that.”


“It’s hard enough to get the quality at the front of the grid as it is, let alone having guys diluted down the back through no reason of their own, so we don’t need all that junk in there.”

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