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Webber – ‘It’s a total waste’


Mark Webber echoed drivers and teams alike with his distress regarding the poor time Fernando is enduring in Formula 1……


Mark Webber, although no longer racing in Formula 1, is still a prolific figure amongst the community and racing as a whole.


This week, at the FIA’s Sport Conference in Geneva, he expressed how sad it was to see such a respected and fast driver, unable to compete to his full potential, If at all.


“It’s a total waste and an absolute travesty that he’s at the back of the grid, driving a car that’s un-competitive,”


“He’s still in a situation where he’s driving phenomenally, though.” The Aussie  revealed.


“I think his value has never been higher, with what he’s done at the Indy 500, and with what he’s done sometimes with that McLaren – Stoffel I don’t think knows what’s hit him.”


“I’ve also been hearing incredible things about how awesome he was at Indy; (Alonso’s trainer/mentor) Gil de Ferran, and I know Gil well, just said it was phenomenal how well he took to it.”

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