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Vettel Is Unconcerned With Seats


Sebastian says he isn’t worrying about his seat next year and ‘surprisingly’ is more concerned with the current season…..


Possibly due to the fact he is one of the highest rated drivers and in a team that is currently leading the grid or maybe because he isn’t even halfway though a tough season.


Either way, Sebastian Vettel isn’t concerned with where or what he will be sitting in next year.


“It might sound funny, but at the moment we are concentrating on this season and this is not a topic,” Vettel told Formula 1.


“So far we did not have the time to address this. The entire team in Maranello is fully concentrated to keep up the momentum that we have at the moment.”



Vettel also revealed there were other motives behind the teams reason to keep him out longer, mostly to block the fast approaching Daniel Ricciardo.


Vettel feels most of the controversy was simply the news trying to make a issue of nothing.


“Personally I think there was way too much discussion after the race about this very topic. From a team’s point of view I think it made absolutely sense to do it this way. If I would have had the chance to pit first I would have been happy, as this normally is the best way to win the race.”


“As it so happened I was staying out longer mostly because of the team’s point of view to cover Daniel,” 


“If I would have pitted straight after and the safety car would have come out we would have given Daniel a free pit stop and he would have had the race in his pocket.” Vettel Continued.


“So we had to wait until he pitted and luckily I was very fast during these laps so that I could turn the situation around.”


“Normally it does not work like this,” he admits, having learned from bitter experience, “and of course I was very happy about the outcome and Kimi was not as he basically has lost the race due to these facts.”

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