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Vettel Cautiously Confident

Sebastian Vettel isn’t getting too comfortable with the Ferrari dominance and has is keeping the Mercedes team in his sights…..


Sebastian has been enjoying the new powerful Stallion, but still retains a cautions skepticism as at any moment the arrows could be back and dominant again.


However, Sebastian has still enjoyed his podium places and the current first he retains in the driver championship.


“Mercedes is doing a very good job and they are still the ones we have to beat,” Sebastian stated.


“We had a good start to the season, but we are not happy to be behind; we want to be ahead of course.”


“We could have won more races, but we have a long season ahead of us,


“We have a strong car so that I am not that worried.”


“I think we’ve got the points we deserve so far, but other people just did a better job in some races. However, we always try to do our best.”


“Sometimes it feels easier, at other times harder, but if you can keep it together, then it is possible. I am happy with what we have but we still want to improve.”



However, Sebastian is still looking forward to trying to grab another trophy in Monaco for the team after nearly 16 years of just missing out.


“We have a very strong package and a very strong team, so we don’t have anything to be afraid of.”


“If you look at the last couple of years, it’s true that Mercedes were very strong around here so they will be the ones to beat, but I am confident that we can have a good weekend.”

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