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Verstappen Senior Defends Son


Jos Verstappen has defended his son’s comments after his outburt at Monaco last weekend, and believes the teen was right in his frustrations….


Jos Verstappen, Max’s father is heavily involved with the outfit as well as Max’s season, he also recently took a role within RedBull to find and help train grassroots level drivers.


Now, the father has stepped up to defend his sons comments during and after the Moanco race.


Max was frustrated after a pit stop ended putting him behind team-mate Daniel Ricciardo and contributing to his loss of a podium.


“I am very disappointed, but I cannot do anything more to change the race. That my pit stop came so early was something I really did not expect. I really didn’t get it.”


“That I eventually finished is positive, but I am not happy. Hopefully the next race will be better.” Max stated, clearly frustrated by the teams strategy.



Jos believed he was right to say so as the early pit did seem to make no sense and many argued it was an attempt to use Max to slow down the drivers behind him in order to help Ricciardo get onto the podium.


“I can understand why max is angry. The thing that got Max angry the most was the fact that he came back on track behind of Sainz and was not able to control his own pace anymore.” Jos Explained.


“After the race Helmut Marko and Christian Horner went to see him and they all had a chat about the whole situation. That is also up to Max, he needs to take care of things like these himself.”


“Max can get over this pretty easily, but wants to get to the bottom of this together with his engineer. He wants to watch the race again and then, when it’s over, talk about it and it will be case closed.”


“It sucks for Max what happened, but it will make him stronger. It didn’t work out for him and that’s just tough luck.”


“I think Max has been very good over the last few races, very strong in qualifying, not a single mistake and also here in Monaco, half a second faster than Ricciardo in qualifying. He is in good spirits and needs a moment to take this all in, but his time will come,”


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