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Verstappen Emporium


It’s not unusual for drivers to have merchandise, in fact all have their own line of F1 gear, but very few have their own store!…..


From Toro to the Bulls and now onto his own ‘haberdashery’  Max Verstappen has really been reaping the rewards of his success and notoriety from Formula1.


Now the young Belgium-Dutchman has his own physical store with all the Verstappen goodies you could want! From the typical hats and shirts, right down to the bobble heads.


The store is set to open on Saturday, June 17, in the Dutch town of Swalmen and is meant to feature everything from the drivers online store.


It will also feature rare memorabilia from the driver himself, such as racing gloves and his first helmet.



(I’m not sure if the photography noticed the irony in him looking through his own clothes…considering it’s modeled after things he already owns and wears…)



“It’s awesome to have my own store,” Max said in an understandably happy tone.


“The store design looks really nice. It’s definitely worth a visit!”

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