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Vandoorne Not Holding On To Penalty

Stoffel Vandoorne has accepted his punishment from the shunt with Massa at the Spanish GP but won’t let it ruin the Monaco race for him and is prepared to fight!….


Stoffel Vandoorne was another driver to fall victim to the clash at turn one at the Spanish GP unfortunately, his landed him a grid place penalty for Monaco.


For many tracks this wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but with the thin track and tight corners, Monaco is one of the hardest tracks to overtake making your starting position incredibly crucial for the race.


“My race itself did not go to plan, thanks to a collision with Felipe Massa midway through the race at Turn 1 as we battled for position,”  Stoffel revealed.


“What is difficult in situations like that is the positioning of the mirrors on F1 cars means we cannot see anything directly behind us. So I took my reference of where Felipe was at the start of the straight, and I judged that the gap with him would be enough for me to stay in front through Turn 1.”


“When he was tucked right in my slipstream I couldn’t see him any more, so I was quite surprised when I turned in to the first corner and he was there. By the time I saw him, it was too late and we touched.”


But the young Belgium won’t let it get to him and will learn from the experience and bring his A-game to Monaco.


“The clash has meant I have got a grid penalty for the Monaco Grand Prix, so I have to accept the situation now. I am not going to moan about it nor get frustrated by it – I’m moving on from here.”

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