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Vandoorne A Valid Option?


Did Jenson Button reveal too much at the Monaco GP, as he revealed another driver who may also be under contract with McLaren in the future….


Jenson Button seemed to enjoy his time at the Monaco GP, considering he had a ‘risk free race’ as it made no real diffrence to him considering he is retired now.


Albeit a short race after flipping poor Pascal Wehrlein over into the wall…


However, the Brit did mention something interesting and hinted at the possibility that Stoffel may also have a contract for the 2018 season..


“I have a contract to drive in 2018,” Button explained, talking about his reserve driver role next year.


“I think I’m the only McLaren driver with a contract for the coming season,”


After realizing what he had said, Button made a nervous backtrack and added;


 “I don’t know, it’s just a feeling, not a fact. We’ll see.”


Could Stoffel be already locked in for next year?… It may be too soon to tell but it won’t be long till we know for sure.



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