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Tough Day Gives Alonso Confidence

Fernando Alonso was pleased after a more difficult day at the Indy500 practice helping to get more used to racing amongst the pack….


Fernando Alonso had a tough day at the Indy500 but hasn’t let it get him down, instead he is happy as it has helped him learn more than the days where he was running on his own.


Fernando has been practicing alongside the other Indianapolis 500 drivers in the lead up to the race on the 29th.


“It was a very positive and productive day with a lot of laps and a lot of learning,” Alonso revealed.


“We did some group running finally with some traffic, information that I will sleep on and be a better oval driver tomorrow.”


One of the main difficulties with the Indy500 is the tight pack formation that forms, unlike Formula 1 where at most you’ll find three alongside one another for only a matter of seconds.


Whereas, in the 500, drivers can be racing in a tight pack of three for the entire race which makes for some tense overtaking. That coupled with the the huge sweeping corners, it takes a lot of skill not to clash with other drivers.


“It felt OK, it felt as I expected,”  Fernando continued.


“Obviously, here it is very important to keep close to the car in front of you to take the benefit on the next straight, so it was useful.”


“My teammates were amazing helping me. I knew they were taking care of me in some moments of the run, so that was good.”


“It’s the first time for me, learning here and there every lap when I follow them – what they do, how they attack the next corner or the next lap, how they prepare the overtaking.”

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