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Toto’s Tell All Truths

Toto Wolff in a shocking statement, revealed the mind games Nico played with Lewis in the years they were team-mates….


In a surprising turn of events, it seems Nico wasn’t quite the driver everyone was expecting.


As tensions ran high nearing the end of the 2016  world championship it seems ‘psycho games’ played there part in aiding the Finnish-German in claiming a world championship.


“The one who is no longer here. The vicious one. Nico just tried to use all the weapons he had.”


“There were all the psycho games that you can play to destabilize your rival,” explained the Mercedes team principal,


“With Nico and Lewis there may be factors we do not even know about.”


It is quite a shocking revelation considering the demeanor of Nico and the news we saw around him.



However, as Toto goes on to mention, the pair do have a history and it is often hard to let old grudges lie. Especially when you progress alongside one another and never get to loose that competitive nature with one another.


“They came from very different environments and raced each other as they grew up. It’s not going to be all plain sailing when two team-mates have a car good enough to win the championship.” Toto Continued.


“Add in the luggage of the past and the games that are played. Each year there was a biggie (fight) that had a major impact on their relationship. When you operate at that high level as a sportsman you are certainly sensitive. Both were. It affected them both.”


However, I think this all may have been blow out of proportion. It is not surprising the driver may play mind games, I can imagine a few probably do behind close doors.


It’s reminiscent of what Mike Tyson would do in the lead up to the fight, but that doesn’t stop it being surprising that Nico would do the same.

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