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Toto – Lewis Capitalizing On Failures

Toto Wolff revealed he is happy with Lewis’ new change in attitude and believes the drivers drop from always being number one is helping his to race better across the season….


Lewis isn’t used to being low on the podium, let alone not even on the podium, but as Toto digressed, the driver seems to be taking it pretty well!


Now it seems, the drop in power compared to the Stallions is helping Lewis combat loosing as well as forcing him to improve and adapt his driving.


“Lewis is in the best place I have seen him during any of the last five years since he joined the team,” Wolff explained.

“Not only because he had a great weekend in Montreal – but because he is coping so well with the difficult days.”

“This is what the very best are made of.”

“When the fight gets tough, they get over it quickly and maximise their opportunities.”

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