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Todt Declares Sebastian Situation “closed”

Jean Todt called an end to the Baku controversy between Lewis and Sebastian after ordering the German driver to apologise and admit fault…..


Jean Todt, the FIA’s president, released a statement on Sebastian actions, stating that drivers must appreciate their actions trickle down to the lower rungs of racing and they must always consider what kind of president they set for the younger drivers.


“Sportsmen must be cognisant of the impact their behaviour can have on those who look up to them,” Jean stated before calling the matter “closed”.



To which Vettel released a formal and genuine apology to the FIA, fans and Lewis.


“With hindsight, I don’t believe he (Lewis) had any bad intentions. In the heat of the action, I then overreacted,” Vettel said apologetically.


“I realise that I was not setting a good example. I love this sport and I am determined to represent it in a way that can be an example for future generations,”

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