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Tides Changing, But Only Slightly


Fernando Alonso was finally allowed to experience a full race this season, getting his first real full outing in the car since the very first race….


Fernando nabbed the teams first few points this season after many others experienced engine failures and race ending kisses with the wall.


Now for once, Fernando was not of them and actually managed to race a full race and well at that!


“Starting 19th because of our penalties, on one of our least competitive circuits, yet still scoring our first championship points is unreal, a complete surprise,” Alonso revealed.


“The race really came to us through the many retirements and a lot of action. I managed to stay away from the walls, just brushing them here and there.”


“Nevertheless, I think we could have fought for a podium finish today – and perhaps even the victory.”


“We were behind Daniel Ricciardo during the first Safety Car period; then Lewis had a problem with his headrest and was forced to pit; Sebastian had a penalty; Kimi retired; the two Force Indias touched each other, so we automatically found ourselves in a decent position.”


“We missed out on further opportunities because we weren’t quick enough in the race.”


“Still, we got our first two points of the season today, so let’s just take that.”

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