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The Hero Is Only As Good As His Villain


Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff revealed why the team had been so quiet on the Baku situation and elected not to really comment on it publically…… 


Firstly, I have to clarify the title, I’m by no means saying Lewis is a ‘Hero’, nor Seb anything close to a ‘villain’. Or visa verse.


However, I feel that is basically what Toto is trying to say but in a much less offensive way. It would seem the team have accepted these things happen and because the second bump caused little to no damage, they are chalking it up to the dangers of danger.


“Every great Formula One season is marked by a great rivalry,” Wolf explained.


“As calm as it started, it was only a matter of time until the rivalry would eventually become more fierce and controversial.”


“We have moved past that moment now and it is a closed chapter,” 


“Our focus since Baku has been on our own shortcomings, reviewing both the design and procedures around our headrest which cost Lewis the win two weeks ago.”


Although, this mitigated response does seem somewhat uncharacteristic of the Mercedes team, so maybe Lewis’ cheeky brake check after the turn was not all that accidental and the Toto knows it…..


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