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Stroll Is Confident For Canada


Stroll has his ‘targets’ but isn’t too worried going in to Canada as he believes he is performing well considering it is his first year….


Lance Stroll’s career is still in its infancy within Formula 1 with this being only his first year in the sport.


However, he has still performed very well for someone so young, despite a few scuffs….I.E gently colliding with a few walls, but in the races he’s stayed on track he has raced incredibly well and able to fight off some very experienced racers.


“I do have my targets, in terms of what I need to improve on. In terms of position, not really,” Stroll stated to interviewers at Silverstone.


“I don’t look at Canada and say: I need to finish in the points because that would be the wrong approach.”


“I look at Canada and say: what are my weaknesses? I need to improve in this area, this needs to happen and that needs to happen. And then hopefully points will come.”



Not really the most descriptive plan from Stroll there but I’m sure we can let that all slide, especially considering the huge shift into F1. Not many people that age could handle not only the pressure but all the news and notoriety that comes with it.


“I think we all have to look at it in the right way. I’m 18 years old, the team knows that. It’s a challenging year in Formula One, and I think the team looks at it as a bigger project than just the next race,” Stroll continued.


“I think we’ve got to look at the bigger picture. Of course we’re going to go to Montreal and work as hard as we can and try and do the best we can … but if we just always think we need to score points, then we start forgetting about the stuff we actually have to do to get there.”



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