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Sauber’s Hush Hush Honda Talks


Are Sauber in sneaky talks with Honda next year as a potential supplier to solve their gearbox problems….


Despite the Ferrari powered Sauber performing fairly well this season, they still have a few remaining issues with the car.


The most prominent issue with the car is that their current gear-box which seems to be consistently playing up.


When asked, Monisha Kaltenborn was very hush-hush about a potential switch next year.


“They (referring to Mclaren and Sauber) are two separate projects. We are two customers,” 


“There will be no synergies.”


“I cannot say anything at this time,” Kaltenborn stated.


However, she did reveal that the new owners were ‘not happy’ with the teams performance this season.



Katllenborn, then went to iterate, it was not working with McLaren and the team were not happy (Read between the lines on that one…)


“It is not working at the moment at McLaren,” 


“and of course that is not good.” Kaltenborn Continued.


“But I am not able to draw any conclusions about how it will be next year. This is all speculation and I have no reason to doubt,”




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