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Sainz has “no intention of breaking contract”

Carlos Sainz says he has “no intention of breaking his contract” with Red Bull and will continue with Toro Rosso next season.

Sainz was allegedly keen to move to Renault in 2018, and told reporters last month that it was “unlikely” he would remain at Toro Rosso for a fourth year.

Although he later clarified those remarks following rebuffs from both Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, he has insisted this week he is happy to remain where he is and continue in Red Bull’s B team.

“As in life itself, a contract has a lot of importance in Formula 1 and I think you cannot go against anyone’s will. I’m happy as I am and I have no intention of breaking any contract,” Sainz confirmed to Spain’s Soy Motor.

“I think everything was taken out of context, both my statements and maybe the reaction on their part,” he added.

“It is cleared up and is now understood a lot better. We are all much calmer and happier now.”

Meanwhile, despite branding Sainz “disingenuous” after his “unlikely to stay” remarks, Horner has indicated the Spaniard could be free to move if an offer was made of “significant value”.

“Sainz has a contract with Red Bull and there are two years left on that contract [which runs until the end of 2019],” Horner told Sky Sports recently.

“We value him as an asset and an asset has a value. So if there was a desire from another team to have him, or for him to go somewhere else, something that has a value has to have a price attached.

“If somebody was prepared to make an offer, we would, of course, consider it. But it would need to have a significant value attached because we have invested in Carlos.

“We are not just going to give an asset away.”

Picture credit: Red Bull

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