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Sainz Happy To Be On The List


Carlos Sainz Revealed he is happy to potentially be on Ferrari’s ‘wish list’ for 2018 but feels there aren’t enough places for all the good drivers….


Carlos Sainz has been progressing well, year in and year out.


However, the driver is constantly pushing himself to try and work his way into the RedBull team, but with Max and Daniel unlikely to be budging anytime soon, Carlos doesn’t have many options.


“Thank you, because it’s a list every driver wants to be on.”


“But I owe a lot to Red Bull,” the Toro Rosso


“For me there are not enough places for all the good drivers in F1,” Sainz said.


“Look at Fernando. I’m not asking for all cars to be the same, but if Carlos Sainz does a perfect weekend, he cannot be on the podium.”


“But as long as I am a Toro Rosso driver I will not lose hope of going up to Red Bull, so I will keep giving everything to try,”


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