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Renault Engine Chief Worried Of Cheats


Renault engine chief, Remi Taffin believes teams are unfairly burning oil for an extra boost…..


Remi Taffin, believes the teams may be making some sneaky alterations in order to try and get some extra mph into the new cars.


Despite this being completely banned by the FIA who state, no team can use the oil for the aforementioned reasons and iterated they are a “breach of the Technical Regulations”.


“You never have these kinds of discussions and clarifications from the FIA if something hasn’t been done” Remi stated frustratedly.


“But I have to say that as far as we are concerned, we did not really pay attention to this.”


“We had much more to do rather than get the last bit out of this kind of things.”


“We obviously understand what is being done. We fully appreciate the fact that we need to burn fuel.”


“I don’t think anyone is doing anything like that anymore. Just look at what is out there these days and that is the proper comparison.”

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