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Remi Not For Replicating Mercedes


Renault engine chief, Remi Taffin believes the Renault engine has more than the potential to catch its German rivals, Mercedes……


Renaults Engine chief believes there is no need for the team to chase Mercedes ‘split-turbo’ idea in order to try and replicate the team’s performance but will instead continue with what they believe is an already strong engine.


Mercedes have opted for a split Turbo/compressor in hopes of gaining some power boosts in the straight, but Renault wants to stick with what they know.


“Are we going to split the turbo/compressor next year? No,” Remi explained.


“Our engine is as it is. We decided to keep it at the rear for some good reasons.”


“There is also no good reason to change it, as we don’t see a lap time benefit from a car perspective. So, from where we put the elements and how we assemble them, they are where we like them to be.”


“Now it is just a case of more continuous development, so we do the normal development. But it is also fair to say that the real emphasis is on the ICE (internal combustion engines) plus the turbo.”


“That is what you do work on and that is what I guess Mercedes is doing. They are not spending that much time on the ERS system – they keep developing the ICE.”

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