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Red Flags Restart = Dangerous


Carlos Sainz revealed the danger of Red Flag restarts and the trouble on the grid they can cause…..


After three red flags and three subsequent restarts after the debris was cleared.


It was on the third restart we saw the collision and then intential collitsion between Lewis and Sebatian.


It was this type of incident Carlos believes are what makes the restarts dangerous as drivers will be accelerating through corners at an average pace but cannot see through to the next, where the driver I front has significantly dropped his pace.


This can cause a lot of rear-ending and mishaps as drivers narrowly avoiding driving into one another through corners. (Not that I believe that’s what happened with Sebastian going into the back of Lewis….that was very much intentional on Lewis’ part)


“It was probably the most dangerous part of the race when we restart,” Sainz Explained.


“The leaders were waiting up until the Safety Car line to start and at the same time they were going fast and slow.”


“For the guys at the back we are still in the corners when they going fast, slow, there’s walls and we cannot see through them.”


“So suddenly we are going flat-out sixth, seventh gear and they were braking again. For me, a bit on the dangerous side.”

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