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Raikonnen Not Angry With Ferrari


Kimi Raikonnen revealed he has no anger towards the Ferrari team after many feel he was forced into second place, again….


Kimi Raikonnen suffered again at the hands of a poor strategy as well as some trouble with this brakes throughout the race.


But the Finnish driver revealed his angry was simply thanks to the driver natural competitive streak and not aimed at Ferrari, he just simply was not happy to finish where he did.


“Many things came together at the wrong time,” The Ice Man explained.


“But after each race you can find things that could have been done differently, he added.


“Decisions have to be made quickly and this time they were not 100 per cent ideal for me. There are always mistakes — it is completely normal,”



Kimi went on to explain he is just in it, to win it and that is the only thing that disappoints him.


“My goal is to win, so if you’re second, you are not happy,”



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