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Post Spain Review – Divide And Conquer


It seems Sundays session of bumper karts, sorry I mean Formula 1, was as tense as it was ridiculous but what actually went on?…..


I will start of by saying, I do not believe I would have driven any better on Sunday and that I’m sure I couldn’t even begin to comprehend how hard it must be to drive one of those cars.


However, I will also say that I’ve seen less pain traded in some ‘banger races’! It seemed every driver had their own reasons to fight for the trophy this weekend and no one seemed to wanted to be very ‘gentlemanly’ with their driving, but then again…that’s racing!


The First Incident came very early on, some three seconds into the race where a Räikkönen was pushed after clipping one of Bottas’ wheels and which pushed him into an unsuspecting Max Verstappen.



The shunt with Bottas left Kimi relatively unscathed, however, it was the knock into Verstappen that competently ruined his left suspension set as well as Verstappens own suspension.



All while this was happening poor Fernando was experiencing the a similar incident except this time it was caused by some poor driving from Felipe Massa.


The Brazilian driver knocked him Fernando (who tried his best to avoid the speeding Williams) but still ended up being knocked into the run-off zone with Felipe receiving a puncture from the scuff.


Now that lap one, turn one is out the way….to the rest of the race!


It was fiercely fought battle amongst the reaming Ferrari of Vettel, Bottas and Lewis as well as the Force India’s who gave the fight of their season this weekend.


Another tense on track moment was between Kevin Magnussen and Toro’s Carlos Sainz, in what was almost another clumsy crash in the pits, reminiscent to that of Rio Haryanto’s last year, the car of Carlos Sainz attempted to try and jump ahead of Kevins in the pit lane run off.


Carlos was lucky to get away without punishment for his cheeky move or at least without knocking into Kevin.


After some tricky tactics it seemed it would be a one horse race but after a virtual safety car thanks to Valtteri’s car braking down due to an old engine, it meant Ferrari made the perfect stop and caught back up to Hamilton.



However, it would be Hamilton who would eventually see the checkered flag!


Back to the Force India’s they put in an incredible race, staving off the likes of Toro Rosso, Renault and Sauber, the team should be incredibly impressed with Ocon and Perez, they have made waves in recent races and it seems to be paying off.


How well will they do when the track is full will be exciting to see…


I Iterate a blinder of a race, you can literally see the rivalry between the Ferraris and Mercedes team step up an amp and I seems every other team is doing the same, they are there to win now, not matter what!

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