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Post Race Analysis – What Happened?!


Well….I certainly didn’t see any of that coming! It seems that many of the smaller teams came back with a vengeance……


Even in the first few seconds of the start, there was so much going on.


Fist Hamilton jumped straight into first ahead of Vettel and Raikonnen followed by the rocket that was Max Verstappen who sped in-between the Ferrari pair and just past Bottas to take second place.


Sadly after fighting a good fight for the majority of the race, Max came to a disappointing finish after his car suffered a complete power loss and he had to leave it to rest on the side.


Image result for max verstappen canada breakdown


The Force India teams showed its true colors however, racing one of their best races to date. Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez battled their way up into 5th and 6th but became caught up in their own internal battle.


Taking it back to the start, Carlos Sainz found himself stuck in a lot of race controversy and also a prisoner in his own car after poorly cutting off Romain Grosjean which pushed him Carlos onto the grass and hurtling uncontrollably to into Felipe Massa ending both their races.


Image result for felipe massa crash canada 201


Now moving through onto lap 5, an incident from turn one became worse for Sebastian Vettel after  having to pit in order to repair  his front wing. The damaged wing came from a heavy handed Max Verstappen who in his leap to first, clipped Vettels front.


Back to Ocon, the young driver did incredibly well holding back Bottas for a fair while until Bottas pulled a clever move and jumped past the French driver.


Image result for ocon and sergio canada 2017


It was Daniel Ricciardo who was next to push past the young Frenchman and ultimately finish on the podium for the third time in a row. (Dan took 3rd place)


The Final call say Lewis taking the first, just in front of Bottas, then Ricciardo and Vettel.


Image result for canadian gp 2017 podium


As for the Force India drivers they fought well but ultimately it was Perez who took 5th in front of Ocon. Raikonnen ended up in 7th, a modest place considering the trouble he had with his brakes throughout the race.

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