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Pirelli’s Gone Soft

It seems Pirelli are making some changes with the tires in the hopes of ‘going softer for Silverstone’…..


It seems Pirelli think they can top their already soft, super-softs in an attempt to get the cars running faster.


Two issue remain in the tires, one being their logevity which has increased dramatically since last years race (which isn’t an issue as such but it has changed the stop strategies considerably).


Secondly, many teams have been struggling to heat the tires up on the track thanks to the new toughness of the tires and different materials used.



“The regulations say we have to select three compounds, and at the moment the selection is the hard/medium/soft”


“The discussion is if we move to the medium/soft/supersoft.” Pirelli’s F1 racing manager, Mario Isola explained.


“There is the feeling that we can move maybe one step softer for Silverstone, in that case using medium, soft and supersoft.” The spokesperson continued.


“In Silverstone it will be free choice, so it is up to the teams to make the right one and we see. And if we go in this direction we will have more pit stops.”



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