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Pirelli Would Welcome A War

Pirelli entered the sport 6 years ago and now welcomes other supplies to try their like luck and would enjoy the ‘competition’…..


Pirelli seems to be proving it’s not shy of a challenge and is instead inviting other tire manufactures to try their luck against the tire giants!


Chief Executive Officer of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera said he and the company were happy to race and beat the others.


“We race everywhere in the world, alone and against others.”


“We like competition” Marco said brazenly.


“When we race with the others, we win”


“We’re ready for any competition, with anybody”



The problem that remains, is that the teams themselves would not want a tire war, they are happy to allow the main body’s and themselves to pick a tire, but they would not welcome the idea of some teams running one type and another team running another.



“I never heard in the last years or months any will to change.” Marco Continued.

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