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Niki Against Helping Honda


Niki Lauda would not support any  deal between Mercedes and Honda and would in fact veto a deal if the two decided to come together……


There have been mounting rumors surround Mclaren-Honda and Mercedes AMG and a potential deal in order to help the struggling engine outfit get out of their rut.


But it seems non-executive chairman, Niki Lauda would not support such a deal and beleives the team should fend for themselves.


“I would veto it. Two years ago, I pleaded for us to give Red Bull our engines.” Niki Revealed. 


“But I wouldn’t do it today. We have to concentrate fully on our duel with Ferrari rather than upgrading another of our rivals,”


It seems Lauda’s vision extends only to the Gran Prix and the tense ongoing battle between the Stallions and Silver Arrows and Mercedes success now can’t be jeopardized.


However, it seems team principle, Toto Wolff did not support such an opinion.


“It’s important for formula one that Honda remains,” Toto stated, referring to Honda’s history in the sport.


“I have no doubt that they will solve their problems.”




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