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Boullier – Mclaren Still Developing


The McLaren team has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this season after a string of DNF’s but it seems the engineers have been working hard!…….


McLaren seem to have fallen from it’s once prolific podium place. Thanks in part to the rising Mercedes and equivalent Ferrari revival.


On the other hand many also blame a large fine McLaren faced a few year back.


However, despite the cars reliability issues both drivers have stated that the power, although yet unreleased, it very close to Mercedes & Ferrari and that’s thanks to the tireless efforts of their engineers and R&D department.


“As the engineers would say, ‘as per map’ – (we are) very happy,” McLaren’s race director, Éric Boullier revealed.


“It’s the step we wanted to achieve”


“The correlation is amazing. We have 95 percent of what we were expecting, so this is brilliant. Now we trust our process”



With new Aero extras for Spain and some nice new internal parts for Monaco, the car is slowly getting there, lets just hope Fernando can enjoy the fruits of the teams labor.


“It’s not only aero, it’s also chassis, suspension – everything is as per process. Every time we put a milestone somewhere we know what to expect” Eric Continued.


“The natural tendency is a deviation, but we are happy we have achieved what we wanted to achieve through our new processes. We can trust the way we work now.”




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