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Max Narrowly avoids Puncture

Sebastian revealed that he was surprised the young teenager got off scott-free after clipping the Germans car…..


Sebastian Vettel had an annoying start to the race after being clipped by what looked like a rocket power Verstappen.


The young Dutch driver stormed between both Ferrari but in doing so clipped Vettels front wing, forcing him in on lap 5 to swap it out.


“I haven’t seen from his point of view, but obviously I wasn’t expecting it,” Vettel Explained.


“I was focusing on Valtteri. I didn’t really have anywhere to go because Lewis was in front, so if I brake later, then I run into Lewis.”


“And then Max took his chance on the outside and ran over our front wing.”


“I don’t think he did it on purpose because normally you get a puncture, so in that regard he was lucky that he didn’t get one.”

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