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Massa Using Season To Improve

Massa left the sport last year to many fans shame, that coupled with a DNF made Massa’s last race all the more emotional.

But now a year on, he’s back and actually performing better than 2016 and it seems to be down to the lack of pressure.
“I’m just doing my job the best way I can, no pressure, just enjoying. The car is a bit better, you always enjoy when the car gives you the opportunity to do some good races. When everything is in this line you can do your best. I am really happy with my performance.”

“It is a good year for me, and doing a good job and I want to keep doing the same, I am really not thinking about next year,” Massa explained.

“Just now, and we will see what is going to happen. I am enjoying and if I feel that I am competitive and enjoying it I carry on”

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