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Massa Backs Fernando

Felipe Massa agreed with Fernando’s concerns this year regarding his car and their connection to F1’s unfair rules…..


Many teams and drivers feel they are given the short straw in terms of finance and rewards.


Many believe the smaller, newer teams believe prize money should be shared more equally and that the ‘classic’ teams that receive extra revenue each year despite how well they perform in the season.


For example, Ferrari receive millions each year (whether or not they win or even come close) because of how long they have been in the sport, something unfair to the smaller less funded teams like Haas or Force India who struggle to make money and stay racing.


“Fernando is complaining about F1 because he does not have a good car,” Massa explained.

“F1 is the same now as it was in the 80s,”


“Now with Liberty we are going in the right direction to attract people, but with the cars we still do not make a difference because the gaps between Mercedes and Ferrari and the rest is too great.”


“Small teams should be given more opportunity, but until another Concorde Agreement is signed in 2020 it will be impossible,” he added.



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