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Marko Marks Max & Dan As Safe


It seems Helmut Marko and RedBull are in charge of there drivers indefinitely and there is no ‘end of season’ for their contracts for the team, only reviews….


It seems Marko is keeping his cards very close to his chest after admitting that their contracts continue until 2018 and technically indefinitely after said time.


“Ricciardo and Verstappen have fixed contracts,” Marko Explained,


“Ricciardo for 2018, and Verstappen with some clauses for even much longer.”


It seems the Austrian knows he has something special and isn’t planning on giving up anytime soon.


Moreover, if I had to guess what the ‘clauses’ may be it would have to be some kind of extremem senario for the pair to escape!


(not that I think either driver is in any haste to leave)



Marko also iterated the Toro team where in the same position!


“That also applies to Carlos Sainz,” 


“He is also bound to us in the longer team. Until 2019.” Marko continued.


“Only we can end contracts — the drivers cannot.”

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