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Lance Strolls Mounting Pressure


Mounting pressure on the young Canadian, Lance Stroll has increased as the season goes on, but will it get too much for the young driver….


Lance Stroll has had a steep learning curve after joining one of the oldest teams in the Formula 1 grid as well as never having raced in Formula 1 properly until this year.


The problem is the team need him to perform and quickly and they can’t afford to allow him to be running on ‘training wheels’ so to speak, but need him up in fighting form and now.


“One of the very difficult things for Lance is the enormous pressure placed upon him,” Williams tech boss, Paddy Lowe explained.


“He’s a driver with a lot of expectation around him from, not just people close to him, but across the board I think. There is a spotlight on him, on how he got here and does he really deserve the drive”


The problem with the pressure for the young driver is it could ultimately be his demise, no teams are shy about replacing a driver and this will be certainly on Lances Mind.


“Racing drivers are, by their nature, super competitive so they are the best and worst at beating themselves up if they are not performing as they should”


“So that cascades and creates its own pressure on him, even if it’s not already got enough from outside. There are no easy answers to about how you undo that pressure.” Paddy Continued.



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