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Kvyat And Sainz Clash On Qualy Tactics


Kvyat hit back at Carlos Sainz comments regarding their qualifying tactics as well as who is outperforming the other on track….


It seems the Toro pair is on shaky ground once again as Daniil Kvyat decides to no longer collaborate with Carlos regarding their qualifying and DRS techniques.


It seems it has steamed from “not respecting” certain pre-arranged qualifying tactics which involve ‘towing’ one another along the straights to use each others slip streams to maintain speed.


“He was behaving incorrectly after qualifying. What I see in qualifying data is zero gain for me in the tow”


“You can take his best lap of qualifying and my best lap in qualifying, it’s zero (difference), it’s exactly the same top speed, it’s exactly the same straight-line speed.”


“He’s just seeing a ghost behind the corners. We are rotating, that’s how our strategy works: one race I’m behind, the next race he’s behind.”


“In Baku he would have been getting a tow but now I’m not sure I really want to collaborate in qualifying anymore. From my side everything is clear as the sky, absolutely clear.”


“If he has some questions to me, he’s more than free to come and talk to me, if he’s brave enough. If he’s not brave enough, he’ll come and talk to you guys and send hidden messages to the media all the time.”


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