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Kubica’s Potential F1 Entry ‘I will reply, Yes’


Kubica revealed he believes a return to F1 is more likely than ever and he would be more than happy to come back!….


Robert Kubica has been out of Formula 1 for a number of years but after a recent hush-hush training session in an old Lotus car, Kubica not only proved he still had the speed but also gave the driver an actual want to return.


Now Kubica believes his chances of returning are even higher than ever and would not say no to returning to the prolific sport.


“If you asked me (before the test) how much I was realistically thinking that coming back to F1 was possible, I would have put myself up to 10 or maximum 20 percent chance,” he told Britain’s Auto Express.


“If I get the phone call, I don’t have to think about it or say: Hmm, maybe I can’t do it. I will reply: Yes, I can do it. Let’s go for it,” 


“I cannot step straight into racing F1. I won’t do it. It’d be crazy. If someone called me and asked me to race next week, I wouldn’t do it. It’s not because I don’t feel I’m capable of doing it; I just feel that I cannot rush,”  Kubica explained.


“It would be a difficult call to say no, of course, but after the accident, I worked a lot on my mental comfort, my mental zone, and these months have been the happiest months of my past six years,”




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