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Kubica Prepared To Enter F1

It seems Robert Kubica’s recent Formula 1 testing has brought back excitement and intrigue to the driver as old ‘sensations’ return after racing in the car….


It has all come flooding back for the Polish driver Kubica after recently racing in a 2012 lotus and apparently has brought back old feelings for the sport.


For those who have been lucky to try and F1 car, you will know it is a once in a life time feeling. It is the equivalent of driving a rocket on a track, the insane speed they accelerate at and the G’s they can take through corners is something you can’t experience in any other car.


And it’s that experience that has brought Kubica back and wanting more.


“It was really an emotional moment and I felt like a little boy, like starting from zero,” Kubica said.


“On the other hand I’m older and it’s getting harder to get some sleep than it was 15 years ago.”


“Emotions were on a high level and sensations stayed with me to this point and will stay a little bit longer.”



It seems the driver has been preparing not only mentally, but also physically for a potential return and believes he is in a better position than ever before to race in Formula 1.


“To be hones I was working a lot to be prepared and my physical form has never been as good as it is now – even in during the ‘golden times'”


“My hard work helped a lot. I was ready for almost everything – many things were beyond my control until that day.”


“It turned out it wasn’t so scary and it was not as far as it might seem before the test.”

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