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Kimi Looking Forward To Austria GP


Kimi Raikkonen is hoping to improve on his performance this year after being stuck just behind Seb for most of the season…..


Kimi Raikkonen seems to be struggling to get to grips with his new 2018 car as he just trails his team-mate Sebastian Vettel in most of the races so far. So the Iceman will be hoping to at least catch his team-mate, if not the Mercedes duo as well.


Kimi did iterate the team were feeling confident for the track but as usual, he is not making any predictions.


“It’s not easy to make predictions for the weekend, even if, in the past, this track has been quite good for us but obviously, with the new rule changes, you never know. I think that our car should be fine, we have been pretty strong everywhere so far.” Kimi explained.


 “We are quite confident that wherever we go and in whatever conditions we can be up there. The end result obviously depends on many things, we’ll see how it goes but we should be ok


“I like the layout of this track: it doesn’t have many corners”


However, thanks to it being Friday and FP1 Kimi does seem to really be giving it his all for the race as he gets to grips with the track even spinning out briefly as he took a corner just too fast.

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