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Jolyon has No Excuse for Performance


Jolyon Palmer has been stuck in the spotlight recently as even his team voice their concerns over his performance…..


many people have been tearing into Palmer and his supposed lack of performance.


It has lead the driver to make a statement on the matter, but even written down the tone is clear and who could blame him.


“I have no explanation,” Palmer said.


“I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. There are just small things that make the difference.”


“I just have to drive as well as I can. What happens on the other side of the garage doesn’t matter.”


It seems everyone is being hit with claims of a ‘lack of performance’ this season, I would otherwise understand considering this is the reason the sport it considered one of the most challenging and respected.


However, the teams have to cut some slack, the drivers are having to get used to a completely different game with the size and power of the cars and I feel they should be more understanding.




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