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Indy Drivers Turn On Critical Lewis


Lewis Hamilton has managed to ruffle some feathers over in the US after making comments regarding the drivers quality and ability in the Indy 500….


It would seem Lewis has managed to annoy many, if not all of the Indy500 drivers after making a comment that suggest they can’t be really be that great racers if a rookie managed to take 5th place in the sport.


Lewis stated;


“Fernando, in his first qualifying, came fifth. Does that say something about [the level] of IndyCar?”


“Great drivers, if they can’t succeed in Formula One, look for titles in other races, but to see him come fifth against drivers who do this all year round is… interesting.”


It seems Lewis has struck the wrong cord with the drivers, he is making a very large assumption for driver who work very hard to be where they are.


Indy car winner and veteran racer, Graham Rahal spoke out about the Brits comments and was evidently not best pleased.



“It’s funny hearing comments about the depth of our field from someone that only has to race three other cars,” said Hinchcliffe over the course of the Detroit IndyCar weekend.”


“When I saw Lewis Hamilton’s comment, you guys know me, it took me everything I had in my body not to say something.”


“Legitimately, in Formula One, over his entire career, it’s been a two-car race, four max, max…”



Rahal made a very good point, Lewis is a talented driver however, its hard not to see the truth in that his prowess was gifted to him thanks to his teams powerful and until now unmatched car.


“IndyCar racing, this is the seventh race, seventh different winner. That doesn’t happen in other motor sports. Period.”


“So no matter what anybody wants to say, it’s a great form of motor sports.” Rahal continued.


“I can’t imagine the feeling of going to each and every race weekend and knowing that all I got to do is beat my team-mate and I’m going to win. But that doesn’t happen here. So it was rewarding to have a day like today.”


“Look, the truth? I put Scott Dixon in a Mercedes all day long, and Lewis is going to have more than he really wants to deal with. I can guarantee you that. Maybe not me, but Scott Dixon.”

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