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Hamilton’s Sign Of Respect


Lewis Hamilton revealed, his thumbs up to the young Lance Stroll was meant to be a sign of respect and appreciation for the tough year he has had….. 


Mid overtake, Hamilton brazenly took his hand off the wheel to give Stroll a thumbs up!



In my opinion, I feel this was more of a sarcastic ‘thanks for moving out my way’ but evidently Hamilton can’t really come out and say that.


Moreover, I can’t imagine Stroll thinking any differently mid-race as well.


“I know he’s had such a difficult season,” Hamilton Explained to Sky news.


“He’s been dropped in the deep end, with critics and all those different things you have when you’re 18 and you’re experiencing them for the first time in Formula 1 – in one of the most difficult seasons.”


“He looked like he was doing a good job, and I was just wanted to acknowledge that.”


Either way, if that’s what Hamilton says then I guess it goes! Check out the video to see the actual moment it happened….

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