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Hamilton Happy With Bottas Pairing

Lewis Hamilton revealed he is happy with his new team-mate Valtteri Bottas and the crew is a lot more ‘professional’……


Lewis had a very tough time getting a long with Nico Rosberg, call it a competitive streak or racing jealously, the pair were in a constant battle on and off the track.


Lewis has now revealed he is enjoying the pairing with Valtteri Bottas and believes they are a much better and supportive match for one another.


“It just feels better than a one and two with Nico.”


“Valtteri supports me a lot. It is a completely different level professionally. As a team, we are more united than ever. And when it’s the other way around, I’ll help and support him,” Hamilton stated.



Even the stern faced Austrian, Toto Wolff believed the pair functioned a lot better.


“You just have to look at how the two of them interact on the podium,” Toto Explained.


“It’s totally different to Lewis and Nico.”


We will have to see how well Lewis gets on with Bottas when he starts stealing podiums from the Brit….I doubt they will be such good friends.

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