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Fun Finds – Formula 1 On The Train?


We all love to race, but how can you get your fill for the day before you even in work, we have found the perfect solution!…..


*This is not a paid advert, we received no money for this article, we simply love the game here at and thought you guys would enjoy as well!*


Unless my title was more revealing then I thought you probably have no idea what I’m about to say, but today’s Fun Find (trade mark pending) Is a fun little F1 app.


I stress the word F1 as this is no where close to being ‘official’ but for me its the fix I need in the mornings on the way to work.



The game is actually called ‘FX-Racer’ so Bernie should be somewhat happy. The difference between this game and the real Formula 1 game is this one is free….


I personally hate paying for any apps and those ones that end up being playable for all of five minutes before you get stuck behind a pay wall infuriate me, I don’t care if its only 99p I’m not spending real money to buy fake money.


This is one of the main reasons I love this game, it does have a paid version but the only real difference is with the Free you only receive two tire compounds, Medium and Wet (blue) but this honestly doesn’t make that much of a difference.


The game itself takes a while getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun.


The graphics aren’t amazing but this aids in keeping the app size small and not draining your battery.


The main reason I would encourage anyone to buy it is I feel it replicates the races very very realistically, you actually have to race tactically apposed to many of games which only really require you to finish the race in a good position.


Before racing you can view your cars stats, change suspension and brake settings as well as your gear ratios. Apon racing you can select you tire choices as well as your engine map settings (something that is slightly confusing at first but once you work out what is best its really simply) .



Now your racing on track and it’s all going well, but like I previously mentioned, you must play tactically. Tire selections and Engine mapping will only get you so far, you must choose wisely when to pit as tire wear is a problem as well as feul levels and even the weather!


This is why it is so fun, miss on small thing and you could end up leading the race up until a storm rushes in and your stuck on mediums sliding across the track. Get too zealous and you could end up wearing the tires down too much and once again your sliding around the track like its a ice rink.


You have so many features to change on the car and unless your doing very well it will take you a while to upgrade the car completely so the game doesn’t get old quick.


The track list is pretty decent as well! 


As well as this, you can pick from a multitude of colours (sadly trade-mark and logo free for legal reasons) but most colours are there so you can feel more part of your favorite team and are free to change as much and as often as you like!


Overall, it’s a really fun game and you can easily kill a few hours racing and not notice! Perfect if your a computer with a long journey.


The only thing that lets the game down I would say is the robot racers you race against, they can often rear end your car if they feel your not keeping up and they are not slowed down at all if they run off the track so it can be frustrating at times.


The player has the option of racing in a couple of views; first person, third person, above the car and a side view. This allows for all styles of gaming but my in my opinion, nothing  beats first person (above is the side view).


Another neat feature that makes the game fun is you can change the name of the fake drivers you race against, you may want to add in your favorite drivers from history or make them the current drivers. For me I made them the names of my friends and family, which made for some funnier racing.



*This is not a paid advert, we received no money for this article, we simply love the game here at and thought you guys would enjoy as well!*

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