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Fernando Predicting Musical Chairs For 2018

Fernando Alonso is predicting a lot of switching of seats going into 2018 as drivers look for fast, not secure teams….


Fernando is probably feeling like he is one of the many drivers this year who is probably looking to jump across into another seat.


After the poor first part of the season Alonso is probably looking for a better avenue.


However, the driver explained it is more than him who may be looking elsewhere.


“There are some movements out there,” Fernando explained to Sky.


“I know there are even more movements than probably we all know and there are some teams we think are set for next year, I don’t think it’s so clear that they are 100 per cent confirmed.”

“So I think there will be a lot of changes for next year.”

“I will try to stay calm and pick up the best decision for next year.”


Carlos Sainz is another person who jumps to mind who may be itching to switch seats as the young driver seems to very eager in all of his comments to ‘progress’ in the sport.

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