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Fernando Loosing Hope & Motivation

Fernando Alonso revealed that the lack of performance in the car and there for himself, not only jeopardises his career but also his motivation to succeed…. 


It is hard for a two-time world champion to suddenly fall from being almost unbeatable only to be stuck in a car that was all but functional.


As Fernando explains, it causes as big a knock psychologically as it does to his career physically and it is hard for a driver not to loose hope or motivation towards racing.


“The lack of victories hurts the career, the motivation and happiness. That’s been the biggest loss of the last couple of years.” Fernando explained.


“From 2013 I didn’t have victories, so it’s not only the last three years. That’s been the frustrating thing,”


However, Fernando did iterate he see’s the struggles of some very talented young drivers who are similar situations thanks to their cars just not being fast enough to get them on the podiums consistently.


“At the same time l look at other drivers, Nico Hulkenberg, Daniel Ricciardo, even Max Verstappen, who are super talented guys, and they have two or three podiums in the last couple of years.” Alonso continued.




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