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Fernando Hints At McLaren Move


Fernando admitted he won’t be sitting down with any teams until September but iterated he want’s a ‘safe project’…..


Fernando has been struggling this year, not with the new cars or the tracks but instead it is simply finishing the race.


With Honda stating upgrades are one the way, but never coming to fruition Fernando has had to deal with the constant and consistent and  breakdowns.


Now it seems he is looking to be at a team that is ‘safe’ or what I believe he means, a team that is reliable.


“I’m not going to sit down with anyone until September,” Alonso explained


“But I want to go to a safe project, not a risky one. I would like to be in a place I can be competitive from day one and win.”


“After 16 years, with everything I have achieved, I would like to be competitive in my last years in formula one,”

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