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Eddie Defends Comments


Eddie Jordan hits back against Toto Wolff after the Mercedes boss said he is getting angry with the ‘rumours’ Jordan is apparently spreading ……


Toto Wolff has been getting increasingly annoyed with the way Eddie Jordan has been commenting on the Mercedes team and stating once the money is gone, so will they.


However, like I said before Toto is not happy at all with the comments, considering the effects It could have on sponsors and the team’s reputation.


“I told him that this is very serious for me,” Wolff said.


“He should stop reporting these rumours — this fake news.”


Eddie hit back against Toto’s comments and stood up to defend what he had said on tv.


“I just said they are in F1 for marketing and technical reasons, not for charity, and they will go when it suits them,” 


“I just said the contracts with Petronas and UBS end in 2018. I can understand that Toto is angry about it, but that’s not my problem, that’s life,” Jordan insisted.


“If I say such a thing, I say it with conviction.”

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