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Ecclestone – ‘Hamilton was trying to put Vettel in trouble’

Bernie Ecclestone revealed he believes Hamilton’s actions at Baku were intentional and he wanted to damage Vettel……


Bernie echoed what many fans have been thinking, that Hamilton’s actions were more than intentional.


“As far as the Hamilton vs Vettel incident is concerned, these things happen in racing,” The ‘chairman emeritus’ Bernie Eccelestone stated.


“I think that Hamilton was trying to put Vettel in trouble by breaking and make the accident happen. Vettel’s reaction was normal to let Hamilton know that he was aware for this reason.”


I can’t help but agree with Bernie’s comments (that’s a first!) and I’m sure the Hammy super fans won’t take to kindly to me saying that.


But I think it may have been for one of two reasons.


The first being much more malicious and sneaky than the second (and I just want to say before a mob of angry Hamilton fans turn up my door, that I do not think this is the case).


The reason being, knowing he wouldn’t be in trouble, Hamilton slammed onto the brakes with the intention of damaging Sebs front wing, either to take a few seconds off around the track (Baku, you need your aero package perfect for those bends) or possibly to force him to pit to give him even more space.


The second reason is the one I believe is the real reason Hamilton made such a sly move. That is too put the shakes into Sebastian so around the next corner/straight he would back up a bit as he expected Lewis to do the same so when the restart began, Lewis would have an even bigger gap.


Or maybe it was all mind games, who knows, either way it worked.


Let me know your theory’s & conspiracy’s below!

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