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Difficulty Keeping Up Protection Development

It seems the various teams and the FIA have been struggling to keep up the with new ‘cockpit protection’ systems in lieu of the new spec cars and 2017 season……


Many team have taken it apon themselves to trial their own solutions to the open top problem, call it common Comradery, or simply that they have a change to design something not quite as ugly as the rest.


“We’ve seen some preliminary models,” Force India’s technical director, Andy Green stated.


“We’ve been looking at how we integrate those into the chassis next year.”


An entirely integrated system would certainly be a lot safer, but with weight and aesthetics an issue, it leaves a lot to be desired.


“There are a lot, a lot of question marks over it,” He continued.


“There’s a lot of work to do in the time-frame that we have been given. So we need to make some smart decisions going forward.”



“Hopefully we’ll be discussing that, with a view to how we answer all those questions in the time period we’ve got.”


Paul Monaghan of the RedBull team also commented on the upcoming final call for designs, with the teams ‘aero shield’ up to be trailed, they are hoping its where it needs to be despite not really being favored by the FIA.


“I think it depends which colour shirt you have on,”


“We, as a team, can be amongst the later, but we are going to very, very tight to get this on to a car for ’18.”


“The research into its functionality and protection, it’s got to happen almost in parallel with the installation,” Paul Continued.


“which makes it quite a tricky job, because whatever they change in terms of screen then has an implication to a chassis and if you have cut your patterns then you are in a fairly awkward situations.”


“If it all happens in parallel then the cut-offs are going to be somewhat team dependent.”


“As Andy said, there is a hell of a lot to get through to ensure that this is a thoroughly developed and sorted package to put on next year’s car.”


So it would seem all the teams are struggling to get their designs on paper and tested and even if they were, no ones really sure what rules and regulations constitute a safe and valid design…

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